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investing 500 – 50000 hours of our technology & development services


Accelerating Your access to the global market through our local teams

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We co-create

Partnering with accelerators and incubators

We partner with accelerators and incubators that can provide our investment services to their network of start-ups.
Connecting with both through a partnership, allows us to jointly innovate and create value for the start-ups and their ecosystem.

About Us

A new way of investing
We’re not just an angel investor: we are your true partner.

As your tech investment partner we ensure the right tech solution. Rather than hard cash, we invest our tech services and take part in accessing different geographies. This creates the right value to your customer and enables us to support you in creating better revenue and higher growth for your start-up. But you steer the wheel.

Birth of Ra Delta
The whole investment scene has changed. In today’s start-up ecosystem, clearly the vast majority of investors do not have the same objectives as a start-up entrepreneur.

A true start-up entrepreneur creates a solid enterprise and longs for robust and long-term value for stakeholders. Because the majority of investors fund with an exit in mind, this creates fraction and pull- out of finance when it is needed the most. That’s exactly where Ra Delta comes in.

Ra Delta is part of Helios Group and exists of 200+ tech engineers under its payroll. Helios Group is formed by a strong management team from multiple geographies, coming from an average of 30 years of experience in the tech industry through different leadership- and management roles.

Helios Group has worked in different capacities with 10+ lean start-ups and has invested in four, across Europe and USA West Coast. Having exposure in many different technology stacks, Helios is experienced in verticals such as E-commerce, Health-care, FinTech, InsurTech, EduTech, IoT, Chatbot and AR.    

Ra Delta has presence in

Jigar Shah

CEO Helios Solutions & Helios Group Head

Erwin Peter

Director SwissHelios

Jose Estrella

CTO Marici & Tech Mentor Helios Group

Julio Salgado

Managing Director Swiss Helios

Patrik Löfvin

Partner Helios Scandinavia

Do you qualify?

We are happy to invest in a team with the following ingredients:

Passionate and progressive founding partners


An innovative and scalable idea

Co-creation Process

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